James P. Gray, a Judge, Father and Friend

The year was 1983. It was in the month of September and it was a moment that I will never forget. My family has seen its many shares of amazing, challenging and inspiring episodes throughout its history. Even though as you are reading this we haven't quite gotten that far. But, one of the strongest and proudest moments that I can remember from childhood is the moment I watched my father become a judge. Something everyone who was there has to agree was truly a moving moment.

In 1983, Governor George Deukmejian appointed my father to the Santa Ana Municipal Court and in 1989; Deukmejian elevated his post to the Superior Court.

The most significant of my memory of his 1983 swearing in was the fact that his father, my grandfather, who was a Federal Court Judge at the time, was able to be the person to swear in my father. Like Father - Like Son. My Grandfather went on to say till the day of his death that that was one of his proudest moments in life.

And although I was only at the prime age of eight years old and didn't quite understand just how amazing this day was, I have been able to look back at these pictures and relive the experience as an adult. My conclusion is that on that day in 1983 the County of Orange gained itself an unbelievable fair, intelligent and caring man who has gone on to accomplish many successful tasks and needs for this county. But, that is still yet to come in these memory books. So, keep a look out.

Also, in looking at the pictures, you will notice a great one of me and my brothers. This was out first time in "chambers" and felt the need to make a memorable one. I just love this picture.

Love Billy, Jenny and Ky

Written by Jenny Gray