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AUDIO: October 23rd, 2009: Judge Jim Gray with LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).
Written by Michael McSorley
Friday, 23 October 2009 14:38
Judge Jim Gray talks with Michael about the War on Drugs and what can be done to make it more effective, California drug laws, California and taxes, federalism and the states that have medicinal marijuana, and the link between drug money, terrorism, and crime.

Oct 2009
Judge Jim Gray - A clip of my testimony this afternoon in Sacramento for the Committee on Public Safety about Assembly Bill 390, which would treat marijuana like alcohol for adults.

Posted: Nov 2009
Judge Jim Gray address students at Chapman University - Discussing Drug Regulation.

The O'Reilly Factor, Judge Jim Gray, Bill O'Reilly and Former DEA Admistrator Asa Hutchinson discuss the War on Drugs - Video

Judge James P. Gray on Drug War - Ending The War On Drugs

April 04, 2009
G4 is locked and loaded with our annual 420 special, hosted this year by Kevin Pereira and Doug Benson. A part of that special will be a Loop 420 Edition, in which Kevin will discuss the legalization of marijuana with Judge Jim P. Gray, author of Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed...

Judge Jim Gray discusses his 2004 Senate platform


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