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Judge Jim Gray, The Author

Wearing the Robe:

Judge Jim Gray - Wearing The Robe.

Wearing the Robe explores the day-to-day realities of being a judge, from faithfully applying the law in court to sharing knowledge outside the courthouse. In this book, Judge Jim Gray addresses a range of important topics, examining how judges can obtain and refine their skills, preside effectively over judicial calendars, healthfully manage the restrictions placed on their private lives, and much more. Throughout, personal insights and practical tips add to a firm foundation of knowledge. Whether you currently fill a judicial position, are considering the pursuit of one, or simply want to learn more about what judges actually do, Wearing the Robe provides a unique look at the art and responsibilities of being a judge in today's courts. Click here for: Wearing The Robe.

Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed:

Judge Jim Gray - Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed.

What is one thing that Walter Cronkite, Dr. Milton Friedman, Secretary of State George Shultz, New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington all have in common? Each one of them has endorsed Judge Gray's book on the failure of the War on Drugs. Problems with increased crime, adult and juvenile violence, medical problems, terrorism all around the world, decreased civil liberties, and the misspending of hundreds of billions of dollars annually are clearly shown in the first part of this book as being traced to this failed policy. But there is a better way, and the second part of the book shows in detail how other policies and programs are actually working in these areas. Click here for: Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed.

A Voter's Handbook - Effective Solutions To
America's Problems

Judge Jim Gray - A Voter's Handbook.

Over the years, special interests and mismanagement have driven the federal and state governments completely off the track. Once prosperous and flourishing, many American states today are insolvent, dysfunctional and ungovernable. Click here for: A Voter's Handbook.

Americans All:

Judge James Gray Amercian's All Musical

It's a play, it's a musical, it's an inspriational show set in a high school classroom that shares the importance of staying in school through music, dialogue and poetry. How can we show our young people how to expand their horizons, live a better, more successful and more fulfilling life, and have some genuine fun along the way? Encourage them to play in or watch a presentation of Judge Gray's new musical. With a minimal set, this is a fun and entertaining musical experience that can travel to any school. It will leave a real, lasting and positive message that will be well received by students as well as their teachers and parents. Click here to check out: Americans All Musical.

Professional Tools For Litigators: Opening Statement

Daily Journal, 4/7/2011:

Many attorneys, judges and legal commentators believe that, second only to issue of the credibility of witnesses, the opening statement is the most important aspect of the trial when it comes to convincing a jury. I share that belief. Skilled and artful attorneys will use an opening statement to tell the jury about what they anticipate the evidence at the trial will be, which means they will tell a story that allows the jurors to see the case through their client's eyes. Another approach is to see the opening statement as a trailer or preview of a movie, with the presentation of evidence being the movie itself, and the closing argument being a critique of the movie after it is finished. Opening statements are not to be used to "ingratiate" counsel or their clients to the potential jurors, pre-condition the jurors to vote in their favor, instruct the jurors about the law, or in any other way argue their case. Those comments are objectionable, and opposing counsel and trial court judges will be listening.

The opening statement is the most important aspect of the trial when it comes to convincing a jury. Read More.

It's A Gray Area:

Are you tired of politics full of gossip, dirt and emotional issues that don't make any real difference? Judge Jim Gray has written a weekly informative column in the Daily Pilot Newspaper that actually discusses the real issues of our day -- as well as practical and workable solutions. Resolutions of the problems of crime; illegal immigration; traffic; the death penalty; welfare for the poor and the wealthy, separation of church and state; large, expensive and unproductive government; healthcare; excessive litigation, the failure of our national tax system, and many more thorny issues are honestly addressed and resolutions offered. There is even a column showing how we would be better off nationally if we were to convert to the Metric System! In short, this series of 52 news columns presents a citizen's handbook that every informed voter should read. Click here to read more: Judge Jim Gray's Blog.


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